Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Calm(Before the storm)

After yesterday's feeding frenzy things have quieted down. The calm will not last, and clubs are just waiting to see those transfer fees show up in their bank account before springing into action again. Three of the teams involved in big moves yesterday are likely to make some more big moves; Everton, Liverpool and Tottenham. Everton have now sold off Johnson and McFadden, leaving a strike force of Yakubu and youth. Yakubu is good for 15 goals, but they will need another proven scorer to stay on the plus side in goal differential. They could also use some help in midfield, and flush with AJ money they will look to increase their offer for Joao Moutinho. Moutinho impressed for Portugal, and with Carsley nearing retirement and Arteta linked with a move to Spain he would be a great signing. Everton were hurt by injuries to Baines, Arteta and Cahill last year and it's important that they improve upon the depth of their squad. The last team to break the Big 4's lock on the top of the table, they will be pushing for a Champions League place while pursuing the UEFA Cup. They have been quiet so far, but if Moyes wants to bring home silverware he will need a proven striker and midfielder, and a couple of players to come off the bench. Moyes has turned good players into a great team, but with sides above and below his making big moves he has to make sure Everton isn't left behind.

Where Gareth Barry will end up is anybody's guess. Liverpool's expenditure on Keane shows that they considered the Irishman more of a priority than a holding midfielder. They have to sell before they can consider the Villa midfielder with Finnan, Voronin and Pennant being mentioned. There has been interest in Arbeloa, but Benitez is reticent to sell his fellow Spaniard. With Liverpool's owners acting the part of Scrooge, Benitez might have to convince Alonso to move on if he wants Barry. Wenger has quietly expressed his interest in both holding midfielders, though he rarely spends on players old enough to drive, but there will need to be a few more moves before this saga is decided. Tottenham meanwhile are looking to put the funds from up north to good use. They seem close to a deal with David Bentley, while Pavlyuchenko, Milito and Luis Garcia have all been mentioned. Depending on the fates of Malbranque and Kaboul, Ramos has nearly sold off an entire starting XI since coming to White Hart Lane. You can be sure he'll be buying a new starting once(as in the Spanish word for 11).

One Liners
  • Hughes makes bid for Ben-Haim, if five million pounds falls into Roman Abramovich's pocket can he hear it?
  • Wigan signs Lee Cattermole, apparently he's worth the same as Scott Carson
  • Keane vows to end title drought, why don't people ever start with small promises like tying their own shoes
  • Valencia struggle to keep Villa and Silva, they're probably just waiting for Real Madrid to put a bid on the entire roster
  • Chelsea win in Malaysia, only because Terry didn't have to make a pk